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advice for people booking a live caricaturist for a wedding or event. Reasons to book caricature your wedding dot com

How to choose a live caricaturist for your wedding..

Look at their work. How different is each caricature drawing?

People don't look alike, so each caricature drawing should look different. Just changing hairstyles on the same face is poor work.

Is it an accurate likeness?

A caricature isn't 'a very bad drawing of someone'. It should accurately capture the person's face and character. Writing a sitter's name on the page is a private admission of failure.

Is the artist a professional?

Does the artist say anything about their career?
Better artists will have done things artistically, studied, and back that up with details. Their skills will be in demand for more than weddings and events.

How much does a live caricaturist cost?

The price depends on how much travel and the hours required. For a specific quote please email with details of venue, timings and dates.

How many caricatures do you draw an hour?

This is a tricky one, as it depends on how sitters co-operate. 8-10 on average. Some caricaturists claim to draw 30 people an hour, but think about that... less than two minutes? The truth is there's a trade-off between speed and observation. Drawing is as much about looking (in order to understand what you need to draw) as it is about ink on a page.
You'll get the best out of your caricaturist by giving them ideal working conditions. Difficult, dark conditions make the job a struggle.

Will you draw every one of my wedding guests as a wedding favour?

While I work as fast as possible, unfortunately it's often not practical for everyone to be drawn. Some people absolutely won't want to be (I like those). People have a laugh showing the drawings around; that has a value.

Will you draw us during the wedding breakfast?

Unfortunately this is not a good idea; nobody wants a drawing of them eating.

Are wedding guests charged for their drawings?

Guests should never be charged for their drawings. Never!

About the Caricaturist

Jonathan is the only live caricaturist in the UK who has won the British Cartoonists' Association 'Young Cartoonist of the Year' award, the Cartoon Art Trust award for Caricature, as well as awards from the Association of Illustrators and British Design and Art Direction.
His work has been widely exhibited, including at the National Portrait Gallery (BP Portrait award) and at London's Cartoon Museum. His work appears in the Radio Times (over 75 issues to date) and The Times, The Spectator, News Statesman, Independent on Sunday, Men's Health, the Guardian are amongst his many clients.
Brian May, Sir Michael Parkinson, Heston Blumenthal and Raymond Blanc have bought originals of themselves. He has a first in Illustration, and also studied at the Royal Drawing School in London.
If you book, you get a genuine, published, award-winning professional caricaturist.

What previous caricature your wedding customers say

"Jonathan, was outstanding. He arrived on time, stayed longer than the agreed time and did an outstanding job. Jonathan's caricatures were detailed, accurate and captured the individuality of the people drawn. Highly recommended."
Live caricatures for a birthday party in Worcestershire
"Friendly and professional. Will definately book again in the future for any events that we have. A must have at events.."
Live caricatures for the military in Hereford
"Jonathan is so friendly and the level of his work is outstanding. our guests were blown away, some were asking how to book for their own wedding!"
Live caricatures for a wedding in Wigan
"Great caricaturist - and a lovely man too!"
Events organiser, repeat customer
" Jonathan was outstanding. He could not have done more to ensure my mother and fathers caricature event was an enjoyable experience. He more than exceeded expectations and they were already set high having spoken to him prior to the event. We would very much recommend him to others."
Birthday party live caricatures in Stratford upon Avon